Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My

Mom Said: As you may have guessed living in a house with three males I often have to put up with a lot testicle talk. The fascination with genitalia around my house is endless. I have tried to institute a rule wherein if we have to talk about genitals they are supposed to referred to by their anatomically correct name. After 7 1/2 years, I am beginning to see this is a loosing battle.

Today alone there have been discussions about berries, pills, balls, testicles, and “the boys”.  I am constantly reminded that I am the only one that doesn’t have a set…Gee, however did I survive all of these years without a pair of my own?  There seems to be no place that is inappropriate to launch into a celebration of the testis.  I cannot remember the last dinner where someone did not bring them up. Freud talked about penis envy, but I think he may have gotten that wrong, because my guys seem to think I suffer from testicle envy.

Now I know that these little sacs of love, are permanently attached to their bodies, but I fail to see the desire to constantly be talking about them. Are they afraid that somehow they are going to run away and get lost? Do they think that the world will suddenly not be aware that they “own” a set, if they don’t continually refer to them?  I simply don’t get it, Women have breasts and yet you never hear us engaged in the level of conversation that my guys devote to their testicles. Is it really any wonder that I say that when we finally get a dog, it is going to be a girl. Something has to squat to pee other than me.  Even though I dread the idea of being a gender essentialist, sometimes I really do believe that men are from mars and women are from Venus.

Dad Said: I admit to having a pair and it is my duty as a dad to let the boys know how painfull it is if the pills are struck in anyway!  They are delicate, probably the most delicate part of the male body and as such they need to be placed on the protected list!  Seriously, I have no idea why men and boys have this obsession with the boys south of the belt, but we do and it will never change.



MOM said: Hello everyone. MomsaidDad  is about our journey as parents. Though we are very much in love, we often see things very differently, as such when we parent our two kids, Mayhem and Destruction, they often get two different messages. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t on the same team, it just means that we have our own unique way of viewing the world. On this blog what you will see are our two very different takes on the same event. Please feel free to chime in and give us a third opinion.  We are both strong willed individuals, and sometimes having an arbitrator can be useful. So strap in and welcome to our zany world.

Dad Said: Its true, Moms and Dads can get in each others way from time to time, but it happens to the best of us.  It doesn’t mean that it has to be us vs them, it just means you have to work extra hard at times so the children get it.  One thing that children learn real fast is the art of divide and conquer, the British Empire have nothing on my kids!  So rule 1: Don’t get caught with your pants down!  Which brings me to the number 1 phrase the kids hear.  “what did your -insert parent- say?”

I hope you will participate in our life, and perhaps we can educate each other as we navigate our way through the minefield known as parenting.  Welcome!